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"ABB Assembly Line Robot" by avramc is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Robots as minimum wage workers

Wired writes that thanks to rentals, companies are now better able to afford using robots in their factories. “‘Cost declines are great for the diffusion of a technology,’ says Andrew McAfee, a principle research scientist at MIT who studies the economic implications of automation. McAfee says robots themselves have become cheaper and more user friendly…

Couverture livre Schneiderman

Publication of a new book on human-centered AI

In his new book on human-centered AI (only the electronic version is available at the moment), the founding director of the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory at the University of Maryland, Ben Shneiderman, “offers an optimistic realist’s guide to how artificial intelligence can be used to augment and enhance humans’ lives. This project bridges the gap between…

Reenergizing democratic institutions through the sensible regulation of Big Tech

Ridare energia alle istituzioni democratiche attraverso la regolamentazione sensata di Big Tech

Tre professori di Stanford discutono del loro nuovo libro, System Error: Where Big Tech Went Wrong and How We Can Reboot.

Octopus at Pona do Ouro, Mozambique

In attesa che un’intelligenza artificiale superi l’«Octopus Test»

In un recente articolo, il MIT Tech Review descrive un esperimento mentale chiamato «Octopus Test»

Stop Hammertime

L’ONU chiede una moratoria sulla vendita e l’uso dell’AI

L’ONU Ginevra scrive che il capo delle Nazioni Unite per i diritti umani raccomanda che: “Gli Stati dovrebbero imporre moratorie sulla vendita e sull’uso di sistemi di intelligenza artificiale (AI) fino a quando non saranno messe in atto adeguate garanzie