AI+ (that is, AI and other digital innovations) will transform universities and the world.

HAICU makes sure the needs of humans are at the center of that transformation.

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HAICU (the acronym for Human-centered AI+ by/for Colleges and Universities) is the U7+ Alliance’s AI+ Lab.

Led by academia, it aims to promote cooperation between universities and other stakeholders to ensure AI+ is envisioned, developed and used in a human-centered fashion.

Human-centered AI+ is developed and used in such a way that it enhances human well-being and capacities, at the local and international levels.

To make AI+ more human-centered, HAICU leads multistakeholder projects, conducts experiments, creates and shares best practices, and speaks publicly on core issues.

HAICU especially intends to be a leading voice for maximizing the positive impacts of AI+ on higher education and academic research, and mitigating its negative effects.

Recent news

Robots as minimum wage workers

January 19, 2022

Wired writes that thanks to rentals, companies are now better able to afford using robots in their factories. “‘Cost declines are great for the diffusion of a technology,’ says Andrew McAfee, a principle research scientist at MIT who studies the economic implications of automation. McAfee says robots themselves have become cheaper and more user friendly…


Publication of a new book on human-centered AI

January 17, 2022

In his new book on human-centered AI (only the electronic version is available at the moment), the founding director of the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory at the University of Maryland, Ben Shneiderman, “offers an optimistic realist’s guide to how artificial intelligence can be used to augment and enhance humans’ lives. This project bridges the gap between…

Stop Hammertime

UN asks for a moratorium on the sale and use of AI

October 6, 2021

UN human rights chief recommends, “States should place moratoriums on the sale and use of artificial intelligence (AI) systems until adequate safeguards are put in place


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