Titre of symposium

CNRS Event on AI for industry and Society: Trust and Frugality

As part of the French Presidency of the European Union (FPEU), CNRS is co-organizing a symposium on AI for industry and society: trust, frugality, on February 25, in Brussels and online.

The large-scale deployment of AI has highlighted the importance of a strategic positioning of Europe anchored on its values, particularly in terms of ethics and trust. The construction of solutions allowing the safe and secure development of all AI-based systems, including the most critical ones, is a major challenge. At the same time, the awareness of the impact of digital technology in terms of energy and use of natural resources requires a reflection on the development of more frugal approaches. This concerns both the design of AI and their use in embedded systems.

This day aims to present and discuss the vision of the European Union and its stakeholders to provide answers to the major challenges of trust and frugality. It will highlight the actions already initiated in Europe for the networking of research and the constitution of open platforms for the capitalization of resources, necessary elements for the development and industrial deployment of a sustainable and trusted AI at the service of citizens. To register: https://evenium-site.com/pro/fiche/quest.jsp;jsessionid=9yXzwN6LAlDWbYsg6c-jfyCo.gl3.