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In this report, which was commissioned by the U7+ Alliance, Régis and her colleagues discuss how universities can become more essential players in the digital innovation and artificial intelligence (DI&AI) ecosystem and increase their capacity to support the responsible development and use of these technologies.

The four sections of Part I explore the different ways in which universities can change the future of DI&AI and how DI&AI might transform the world of universities. Concrete examples of innovative and inspiring academic practices related to various challenges and opportunities explored in the paper are highlighted throughout.

Part II of the document presents the DI&AI Academic+ Network, a new entity designed to promote cooperation between universities, public agencies, firms and civil society organizations, in order to develop collective responses to the issues and opportunities raised by DI&AI. This recommendation led to the creation of HAICU.

Régis, Catherine and others, The Innovative University, Renewing the Role of Universities in the Digital Innovation and Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem, Montréal, 2020.